What are Karoo's Technical Specifications?




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    Dennis Koutsoures

    The technical specs above (General-ports) indicate waterproof USB-C but the pre-order device comes with a Micro-USB cable.   Please confirm: Will the hammerhead have waterproof USB-C or Micro-USB?

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    Technical specs seem outdated. I remember reading they opted for micro-usb for waterproof reasons.


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    Bart Louïs

    Hi HH team,


    I made a little comparison between your technical specs and my experiences after trying my Karoo for 2 weeks now:

    * Battery: does not meet your specs, completely dead after 8 hours, even without navigation running

    * Input: nope, not possible to start a route with the side buttons (at least not as far as I know & tried)

    * routing: navigation not possible, at least not on my device, on others it seems possible as I can read in other topics

    * re-routing: nope, not possible at all. Changing your route means starting a new ride, these 2 things seem to be linked at all times

    * Cache: not automatically, you need to manually make it available offline

    * Storage: 16 Gb? Why does mine show 9,3 Gb then ?

    * temperature: HW is in there maybe, but software not able for the moment to display it

    * Workouts, intervals & Strava segments: not available for the moment so should be replaced under Future Software

    Some work to be done...

    Kind regards

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