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    Henk Huisman

    Dear supportteam Hammerhead, Last saturday I received my Karoo, yes 👍😊.

    I tried to fill in my name and so on, unfortunately I did not succeed.

    Even when I tried to sing in on my Karoo account.

    Do you have Andy idea what could be the problem(s) ??? 

    Awaiting your answer I greet you kindly.

    Henk Huisman from the Netherlands 🇳🇱😉

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    Dick Van Hooser

    Where do I find an instruction manual.  I'm trying to set up some pages and can't figure out how to delete an item from a page.  This is a very complex device, it needs a good instruction manual.  I expected to find one as a PDF on this web-site.  So far, no luck.

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    Luis Teteto

    I can login in the dashboard of Hammerhead site, but I can’t login in the equipment. It says that my credentials are invalid. Need some help please to start rolling my HH.
    Luís from Portugal

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    Tara Brown

    yes good morning

    I just recieved mine as well and will not let me sign into my account on my device...

    please advise

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    Stephan Weniger

    Same problem for me. Can't login on my Karoo. Disappoiting :(.





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    Jörg H

    After removing special characters (e. g. +, - $, %) from password login works. Just using alphanumeric characters - good to know but not state of the art...


    Hi support team,

    can't login on my new Karoo device. Error message comes up: "Password should contain minimum 6 characters, and should start with an alphabet"  My password has 13 characters and starts with an alphabet. Forgot password function doesn't work.

    Latest device firmware is flashed. Login on dashboard website works fine.

    Please advise

    Best regrads


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