How do I set up Karoo?




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    Henk Huisman

    Dear supportteam Hammerhead, Last saturday I received my Karoo, yes 👍😊.

    I tried to fill in my name and so on, unfortunately I did not succeed.

    Even when I tried to sing in on my Karoo account.

    Do you have Andy idea what could be the problem(s) ??? 

    Awaiting your answer I greet you kindly.

    Henk Huisman from the Netherlands 🇳🇱😉

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    Dick Van Hooser

    Where do I find an instruction manual.  I'm trying to set up some pages and can't figure out how to delete an item from a page.  This is a very complex device, it needs a good instruction manual.  I expected to find one as a PDF on this web-site.  So far, no luck.

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    Luis Teteto

    I can login in the dashboard of Hammerhead site, but I can’t login in the equipment. It says that my credentials are invalid. Need some help please to start rolling my HH.
    Luís from Portugal

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    Tara Brown

    yes good morning

    I just recieved mine as well and will not let me sign into my account on my device...

    please advise

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    Stephan Weniger

    Same problem for me. Can't login on my Karoo. Disappoiting :(.





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