Where is it shipped from?




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    Simon Hembury

    Has anyone actually received their unit?  I pre-ordered on 20 June 2017 and still nothing; no tracking number; no contact from Hammerhead, nothing.  Does the company exist anymore - is this just a big scam?

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    Ronald Termaat

    received the unit yesterday in a nice package. I ordered a few months before you did. It received without tracking number. It was suddenly on my desk and it looks nice!

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    Lars Echterhoff

    A friend of mine, who also ordered in june, just several days after me, also received his Karoo out of nothing. Without tracking number or any announcement... Mine has also not arrived but if hammerhead lives up their promises to send out in the order they received the orders (and I currently have nothing to doubt that), my unit should arrive within the next few days.

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    Russell Hodges

    Nothing yet for me in the UK.  No tracking number or Karoo.  Ordered 13th June.  Hopefully it'll randomly turn up soon as I'm looking forward to trying it out. 

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    Jonathan Bartle

    I've just received a tracking number in the UK but when you click the hyperlink it takes you to a website that does not recognise the tracking number :-(

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