How long does the Battery last?




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    Martijn Koopmans

    Hi, completed two rides with the new Karoo. Love it, but I am not sure about the 10-15 hours of battery life. First ride took almost 3 hrs and battery was down from 100% to 61%. Second ride, almost 1.5 hrs, battery down from 100% to 75%. Second ride no sensors attached and brightness level at lowest. Wonder how to get 10-15 hrs battery life...

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    Rasmus Olesen

    I agree. Did 4,5 hour ride today and Karoo went from 100% to 50%. Getting more battery life is a must, even if sensors like HR and Power connected.

    Any suggestions to getting more batterylife?

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    Akio Tsuchiya

    I've been riding all day for the past 12 days or so. Aside from Karoo rebooting itself and erasing all the data during the rides, when it works and is recording the ride just fine, the battery doesn't last 8 hours with the screen turned off. I'm not using it for navigation. Just recording the route as I go, and I have to use my power bank so that Karoo doesn't die.

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