Can I tether data via Bluetooth from my Cell Phone to my Karoo?




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    Steve Donovan

    If I do not run with a SIM card installed, will connecting to my phone's WIFI hotspot give it the same functionality as if I was using a SIM card ?

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    Shane Crawford

    I don't understand why Bluetooth to Smartphone for Data access (ride uploads/weather etc) can't be enabled?

    Hot-spotting to my Smartphone(s) is a tremendous drain on battery.

    This seems to be a no-brainer, why the lack of feature?

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    One of the great features of WAHOO and GARMIN is the connection with smartphone via bluetooth, knowing who is calling or sending a message is a great value, whether it is necessary to stop to answer or answer.
    With each passing day I am more disappointed with this device.
    Not to mention the constant blocks, or go to pedal and this one is divided in two parts.
    Do not give to set more than one wheel size, I have 4 bikes, the remaining three are left out.
    I wanted my money back and nothing, I was denied
    By value is nothing but nothing special even completely disillusioned.
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    Aaron Brooke

    Why aren't hammerhead allowing Bluetooth pairing to your phone for such activities? Seems the most efficient and cost effective means.

    Works perfectly for wahoo. Works most of the time for garmin.

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