How-to: Create a Route on Karoo




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    Jonathan Westlund

    What about creating a route based on a list of waypoints instead? I.e. not just final destination but with several intermediate destinations. Or if I’m just unhappy with the route Karoo suggests, I might want to drop a pin on the map to define an intermediate destination point. How do I do that on the device?

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    Mark Ueeck

    When I attempt the above my Karoo comes back with "No route found to that location".  This is the case regardless of whether I chose the destination by address, business name or selecting a location on the map.  I am connected to wifi, have detailed maps of the area downloaded onto the device and it is seeing my current location.  Device is on build version

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    I experience the same defect as Mark

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    Jesse Kelly

    Me too

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    John De Baets

    movie on

    is outdated


    i cannot decide if it is MTB route or roadbike ?


    Karoo device has to be connected to WiFi or to Mobile data, this has to be mentioned to be complete.

    This is not really on the way (without mobile coverage, still exists , or without empty mobile or no mobile), but at someone's home ..and in that way i don't understand the road it calculates, as it shows me a very silly solution . Why can't it use e.g. google calculations to offer you a route.


    PLEASE , make at least a button (without mobile data) BACK TO START, which calculates the time/distance to drive back to start (road/MTB)

    because a lot of people are driving around on nice roads and want to have an idea how far they are from the beginning !

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    Stephan Weniger

    How can I create a route if I would ride a part of the track twice?


    Best regards


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