Stages power meter's ANT+ connection is flaky




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    Aigars Paegle HC Bike Tours


    But how to connect Stages via only bluetooth and the same time Garmin heart rate monitor via ANT+? 

    If I switch on ANT+ on Karoo, I can`t connect my heart rate monitor. 


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    Raveen Beemsingh

    Hi Aigars, you can have a mix and match of wireless protocols to connecting karoo to your sensors

    1. you can turn on Bluetooth and ant+ and search for device,

    2. Bluetooth enabled devices will show up with the Bluetooth icon and ant+ with A+ icon

    3. select the Bluetooth connected sensors

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    Aigars Paegle HC Bike Tours


    I guess you didn`t get me. As you say Stages power drop outs are still not fixed with the lates updates, but Stages connected via Bluetooth works better, question is how to connect Stages via Bluetooth but my HRM via ANT+? 

    I`m very unhappy this problem with the unreliable data is not yet solved. Have to move back to my Garmin with a hope this problem will be solved soon. 

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    Ben Limerkens

    Hi Aigars,

    You can have both ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors connected at the same time. I have a Stages PWM as well, connected via Bluetooth, which provides power data and cadence. And besides that, a Garmin HRM and Speed sensor connected via ANT+. Works very well.

    I had my Stages connected via ANT+ at first, so all sensors are connected via ANT+ and I could disable Bluetooth all together as I thought this would save battery. For me this did not seemed to be necessary, 200km / 7h30m ride, and Karoo still had about 30% battery.

    So I'm happy with the Stages connected via Bluetooth.

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    Rich Wilson

    Hi Raveen,


    This is now an 8 month old issue- can you confirm the ANT+ flaky connectivity to Stages Powermeter G1/2 has been fixed?

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    Marcus Gough

    Guys, it's been quite a while since the problem has been identified. Ant+ support is crucial and also necessary for calibration and battery data.
    Is there a least a timeline on when we can expect a fix. It's pretty important.


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    Ian Dennis

    Agreed! I can't get it to work (or calibrate) on BT or ANT+

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