Offline Map download is queued, but does not progress




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    Jürgen Graf

    Sorry, but doesn´t works for me. Tried several times.

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    I had several maps queued which may be part of the problem of downloads stalling, (each new map went to queued status as each new one was added which seemed odd) ?

    One of my maps had an '&' in the name I gave it, I thought perhaps may is a contributing factor ?

    Anyway I deleted all maps I had queued and added just one new one - started downloading ok and got to 20% in a matter of a few minutes but then stalled again - I had enlarged the map window to the largest size picking up the whole of South London and North Surrey (perhaps this is the problem trying to take too big a bite of data).

    I then rebooted Karoo and added a smaller selection and it immediately downloaded fine, i did a few more of increasing size no problems but larger selections do seem to struggle but are still going. I am currently downloading a big chunk of Sussex its struggling but getting there.

    Is it possible to download to PC and then upload to Karoo some other way?


    For now I'll just wait for news on this as it does seem to be potentially an issue with the provider.



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    Blake Gentner

    None of this has worked for me either. I've tried every possible solution that I have read about and nothing still. 

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    Jürgen Graf

    Since 3 to 5 days the problem "raised" in another way.

    As before for the steps:

    1. Turn on Airplane mode
    2. Turn on WiFi and connect to internet
    3. Restart the map downloads from Settings > Offline map section > Add > Select Area > Download

    -> in combination with 1. a. Reboot

    worked to download for one map (then had to repeat the steps again), now I cannot download an offline map any more.
    This happens, when I select a new area and this area is only a little one, too.

    The following 3 possible things were dislayed in the Karoo:

    1. (Often dislayed): "Unfortunately, your ride was stoped".
    2. (dislayed every time) Download continuously freezes at "1%".
    3. (sometimes): "... "

    I hope you will solve this problem



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    Raveen Beemsingh

    yes, we are working on a fix for this, will have an update on this soon

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    Danny Vrijsen

    Raveen, for me the workaround sugested in this post indicates an other bug:

    Workaround: turn on airplane mode, and then to turn the wifi o to conncet to internet. This is possible, so Wifi is on while the device is in airplane mode.

    This is a bug for me because on an android device you lock down all the communication channels by turning airplane mode on. Normaly seen you lock don your wifi, telephone signal, 4G, Bluetooth,... and you can't put them on while in airplane mode.

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    Jeff Ferriell

    Having the same problems, suggested fixes do not resolve.

    nearly always just "..."

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    Jürgen Graf

    After Suggestion from your support I reset the Karoo to Factory Settings.

    - After that, at first the Karoo worked brilliant for a few days including downloading Offline Map Sections (for about 6 pieces). Further 4-5 Offline Map Sections queued or lead to server error messages when trying to donload.

    - Than your new update occured -> another 2-3 Offline Map Sections loaded, but 1-2 stayed with the same problems!!! So again, after the latest update -> It doesn´t work :-(
    -> Even after trying all the Hammerhead Posted troubleshooting steps.
    -->> For me it seems that the map Problem occurs after a amount of Offline Map Sections of about 10+- (or perhaps a special size of MB of the Offline Map Sections!?)

    - After loading the device over night the Karoo stays with black screen.

    - I found out -> power button + Select -> leads to reboot settings. The reboot settings screen works, but NOTHING MORE, because

    - I selected with enter (end tried every other button afterwards) -->> after that, the Karoo Screen STAYS BLACK, so UNIT DEAD / Out of order :-((

    Additional Info: The Unit never Fall down, no Crash and no Water / Rain fall to it (only a few little drops one day)

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    Jürgen Graf


    after the last Karoo went out of order, I received the new Karoo and meanwhile I´m really upset to say that the map issue didn´t change anything.

    It is the same as it was with the first Karoo, it didn´t change with any updat, didn´t change with reseting to factory state, resetting account.

    To describe it clearly -> the same problem exists with the new Karoo, from the beginning on, an now, with the latest update, Version

    I tried in any mode with airplane on/off, etc. etc.

    The workaround you mentionied, i qoute:

    "Affects Version(s): All versions
    Workaround(1): Please do the following steps:
    1. Turn on Airplane mode
    2. Turn on WiFi and connect to internet
    3. Restart the map downloads from Settings > Offline map section > Add > Select Area > Download
    Workaround(2): Please do the following steps if the above dont work:
    1. Reduce the area of each download
    2. Use multiple small areas to cover the area you want offline"

    and other tried steps your support wrote me do ALL NOT WORK
    -> does NOT MATTER if an offline map is short or big, it does not download

    -> the smallest section one is able to download quits at 28%

    -> bigger at 1 %



    In addition to that I´m sad to say that route mapping doesn´t work well, too.

    When i ride along the route (and I tried it many times and I am to 100% on the correct route), the instructions mostly show turn left or right, nearly 70 - 80 % all the time off the ride.

    I hope you can fix this soon in the next two weeks, so that i can use the unit, and I hope you are on the issue.

    you wrote 2 months ago:


    Raveen Beemsingh
     yes, we are working on a fix for this, will have an update on this soon"

    I can be wronng and I´m sad to say but I have the feeling, because of the workaround you provided here and me, seem to show me, that you didn´t find out whats wrong until now with the mapping issues.

    Otherwise the Karoo is useless for me.

    For Details, see the Attached Screenshots: All the turn indicator arrows in the Fotos show in wrong directions, not along the route where I am riding along in the moment.


    Best wishes

    Jürgen Graf



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    Blake Gentner

    Hey there Raveen. So it’s been three months since you said that you were working on a fix. A fix for a problem so fundamental to the advertised functionality of the unit. Your stated response to the issue (problem with the map vendor because of our unique use case) points to completely inadequate and useless pre release testing.

    Were there no discussions about this with them - hey, we’re trying to release something that may stress your servers, can you handle it?

    The fact that your workarounds don’t consistently work are absurd. My Karoo has been sitting in a drawer, pulled out for the software updates, tried to download a map and then put back in the drawer because of the functional failure of your software to deliver what’s been promised.

    When will this be resolved???

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    Hi Blake and others,

    I am happy to report that we have made massive progress in this area. the next ATG group will be testing this fix and should be available soon for general release. Very excited to have a fix for this long-standing issue.


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    Tom Paskey

    I’m on board with Blake - here I sit the night before leaving on a trip that I NEED mapping for a new area, and have had absolutely NO luck downloading a map onto the device!! This is just wrong - a major feature not living up to advertised hype!!! Get with it Karoo.....

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    marcel de boer

    After the latest update it started downloading again but dit not finish an gave a network error.

    now it wont even start. tried flightmode, factory reset.

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    Tom Paskey

    I’m in the same situation - the update has made no difference to offline map downloads even though as the HH blog says: 

    • Reliability of offline map downloading has been notably improved. Users should see a sharp reduction in related failures that have persisted through the last several sprints.

    I’m constantly receiving the error message “Unfortunately, Ride has stopped”.  Even the error message should be changed to something appropriate.

    And I do not think a factory reset is an acceptable work-around, especially considering you lose all your downloaded maps.

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    Neil Flippance

    I am still having this problem. Is there a limit to the number of offline maps that can be downloaded? (it would be so much easier if you would just allow OSM's to be loaded onto the unit).

    I have downloaded ALL queued map areas and started to add them individually again. Got the ride has stopped message and its not downloading. This issue MUST be fixed as a matter or urgency.


    So much of a problem for me that I went out and bought a 1030 recently after my 1000 died. I was hoping I could start using my Karoo by now but unfortunately it has been a paperweight for months now.

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    Jürgen Graf
    I feel you all others. I am very disappointed that the Hammerhead crew only gave me and all the others typical standard workarounds that were clear leading to no sollutions. As a solution they provided me an exchange, but with the new unit it was exactly the same.
    After many messages and months of waiting I returned my unit. Very bad was that the support let me pay the postal costs and due to I ordered in germany I already get no payback for my taxes. So I lost 50€ for a not working unit. Very very Bad!! 
    Additional I can tell you, I tested offline maps in netherlands. Horrorible!!!  I had covered the whole area but could not plan any route - > so offline maps were useless there. I had to use my mobile data there to plan routs. That was not the reason I downloaed the offline maps... 
    Planing a route with about rides up to 40 km the unit mostly freezed, too. I was more in anger with the unit as I could use it. 
    Apart from that, the TBT indicators didn´t work correctly most of all times, even again after a provided workaround from the Hammerhead crew. As I mentioned that towards them I got no answer to the toppic any more, very disappointing at this point, too.
    Even the from the beginning the promised Spotify connection was never integrated in the unit. Due to that, after all the new updates but no change or info about the issues they do not seem to know how to fix it.
    So, in the end an absolute horrible functionality for the karoo in basic functions and very bad Support and refund for a not working unit. 
    I can only tell everybody to never use a Hammerhead unit. 
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    Jürgen Graf

    P.S.: A provided clue for factory reset lead to a dead unit, that was the reason for my exchange of the unit.

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    Lucas Korsten

    Same problem here, very frustrating, offline navigating is the one thing I bought the Karoo for... 

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