Offline Map download is queued, but does not progress




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    Jürgen Graf

    Sorry, but doesn´t works for me. Tried several times.

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    I had several maps queued which may be part of the problem of downloads stalling, (each new map went to queued status as each new one was added which seemed odd) ?

    One of my maps had an '&' in the name I gave it, I thought perhaps may is a contributing factor ?

    Anyway I deleted all maps I had queued and added just one new one - started downloading ok and got to 20% in a matter of a few minutes but then stalled again - I had enlarged the map window to the largest size picking up the whole of South London and North Surrey (perhaps this is the problem trying to take too big a bite of data).

    I then rebooted Karoo and added a smaller selection and it immediately downloaded fine, i did a few more of increasing size no problems but larger selections do seem to struggle but are still going. I am currently downloading a big chunk of Sussex its struggling but getting there.

    Is it possible to download to PC and then upload to Karoo some other way?


    For now I'll just wait for news on this as it does seem to be potentially an issue with the provider.



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    Blake Gentner

    None of this has worked for me either. I've tried every possible solution that I have read about and nothing still. 

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    Jürgen Graf

    Since 3 to 5 days the problem "raised" in another way.

    As before for the steps:

    1. Turn on Airplane mode
    2. Turn on WiFi and connect to internet
    3. Restart the map downloads from Settings > Offline map section > Add > Select Area > Download

    -> in combination with 1. a. Reboot

    worked to download for one map (then had to repeat the steps again), now I cannot download an offline map any more.
    This happens, when I select a new area and this area is only a little one, too.

    The following 3 possible things were dislayed in the Karoo:

    1. (Often dislayed): "Unfortunately, your ride was stoped".
    2. (dislayed every time) Download continuously freezes at "1%".
    3. (sometimes): "... "

    I hope you will solve this problem



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