Garmin GSC-10 Speed+Cadence sensor connection is inconsistent




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    Mark Ueeck

    My GSC-10 has worked flawlessly with my Garmin Edge for years and continues to do so, even running side by side with the Karoo.  However, while the Karoo will display cadence with this sensor connected, it will not show speed or unpause when moving.  Magnet has been checked and verified that the GSC-10 is "seeing" the wheel (speed) magnet.  Which leads me to wonder:

    1) What is the coding issue in the Karoo's app that is causing it to not start recording when movement is detected.  After all, at its heart, the Karoo is a GPS device so even with a wheel speed sensor, if it's not getting a signal from the wheel speed sensor, it should default over to GPS measurements for time & distance to calculate speed (and un-pause itself!!!).

    2) Why doesn't the Karoo allow using the GSC-10 for cadence only.  An option to use or not use one or the other sensor on a multi-sensor sending unit should be available on the Karoo.

    Just my 2 cents worth.  There are a lot of GSC-10s out there in the wild working just fine with other GPS units so "buy a new sensor" doesn't seem like a reasonable response.

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    thanks @Mark, we are working on this issue, your feedback is taken

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    Thomas Egrelius

    Just for the record, as I'm aware you're working on this. I agree with Mark. My gsc-10 works like a charm with my Edge 500, but reports too short distance on the Karoo. On rides with both computers connected to the sensor at the same time, with the exact same wheel circumference set on both, with auto calibration disabled on the Edge to make sure the wheel size doesn't change. To me this indicate that the sensor works, and the magnets works. Somehow the Karoo seem to miss wheel revolutions while the Edge doesn't, on the very same ride.

    So to me 1, 2 or 3 do not apply I think.

    I do understand there could be a Karoo software issue though, and really hope you find a solution. If replacing the working sensor is the solution, I'd rather stick with the Edge instead ;)

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    Seth H Shaw

    Raveen, with respect, how is it fair and equitable for you to suggest GSC-10 users buy new sensors when Hammerhead is not resolving the problem? Putting the solution back on us at our expense? That's not reasonable or consistent with your desire to build the best cycling computer, is it?

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    Mark Ueeck

    I would appreciate an update on progress on this item given it's been 4 months since Raveen posted that HH was working on this issue.

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    Alessandro Caffarra

    I have this issue even if I am using the accelerometer-based Garmin sensor.

    Ofte, very often, the cadence data stuck. The number exposed is not zero, but the last one calculated. 

    I am using the 5sec average cadence. 

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