Route skips the set waypoints on Dashboard




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    Bart Louïs

    Hi Raveen,

    This problem still exists on the new dashboard (updated v0.9.19) and even after not even 10 waypoints.

    It's not only annoying when changing/editing a route (then also the dashboard is recalculating the route at random...), but now also when creating/planning one from scratch ?

    come on guys !! really ??


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    Alistair Simpson

    Yea, this is driving me crazy. If, when a route is created, and it has got to that waypoint, the next one can totally change the route. This cannot be because it is unroutable! It’s already routed to the last waypoint. It just totally ignores all the previous waypoints. This is for both road and mountain bike. It is pointless to use the routing dashboard in this condition.

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