Howto: Clear All Navigation Data from the Karoo




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    Gareth Sargeant

    Hi Raveen Is there a benefit to doing this?

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    Yes @Gareth, this will avoid you having to do a full factory reset to resolve the TbT not working issues for some. This instruction is to be used in conjunction with the TbT workaround

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    ed sinofsky

    I did this and would like to get out of developers mode.  Please let us know how.

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    @Ed, go to -> see figure 6, toggle the button off


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    Bart Louïs

    Hi Raveen,

    I followed the instructions above, but when starting a route with navigation, still "waiting for instruction"...

    didn't work for me this workaround/solution

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