How-to: Offline a very large route




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    Gilles muoy

    we really should be allowed to download entire geographical areas at once: I often do 200-300Kms one way trips (at least once a month in summer) and even though offlining these routes usually only requires to toggle the offline button, it takes forever to download!!! Not to mention how frustrating it gets when the download fails (thankfully not too often) 

    Splitting my routes in several sections or making multiple manual downloads would be incredibly time consuming...

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    Gopinath N

    @Giles, I truly agree with your point. We should be able to download the larger section without any hassle. I know this workaround is time-consuming. Our team is updating the mapbox library and working to make the offline maps download smooth and faster. I can assure you that the future updates would make that happen. We are thankful for your support and patience showed towards us. 

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    Martin Burrows

    The picture above does not correspond to any screen on the Karoo or dashboard!

    You cannot see which areas you have downloaded or are about to download - only one area at a time is shown in a box.

    If you could see which areas you had downloaded on a route, as shown above (various sections in boxes), this would at least make it easier and give one confidence that you had downloaded all parts of the route. As it is it is a bit of a case of guess work to ensure you have covered all sections.

    Having said that, even if you could see which parts are available offline, it is still a very laborious process!  - very inconvenient and time consuming!

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    Pieter Vanhaverbeke

    After toiling for more than a week now to get a 2400 km trip available as an offline route on my Karoo, I have to throw the towel in the ring.

    I split the whole route into 8 sections, which I patiently downloaded one by one - takes about 4 to 7 hours per section (!). I managed to get 6 segments available offline. However, after a new update of the Karoo yesterday, all offline routes where queued again... Since then, it's impossible to make a route available offline. I sometimes get a message: "Unfortunately, this ride has been stopped".

    Unfortunately, my journey with the Karoo stops here too. As my bicycle trip starts next week, I was forced to buy another GPS unit. In just one evening, everything I needed was installed - including detailed MTB maps for the whole region (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego), and a backup on another SD card.

    I have been using the Karoo now for a whole season without much trouble (besides the inconvenient and often time consuming  way of making even a relatively short route available offline), maybe because I never use TBT and don't couple any sensors. All I ask for is a reliable unit showing me map + track, but HH seems not te be able to deliver.

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