How-to: Link Accounts and Import Routes




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    Reginald Brown

    When I attempt to follow these instructions for Garmin Connect, it says "Cannot import: Cannot import this route"

    When I attempt to use the Chrome add-on from the route in GC, it says

    "Cannot import this route

    The list of websites that we can import from and other support resources are available in our Help Center."

    Which links to this article, which lists Garmin Connect as compatible. Your import process is borked, I'd say. 

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    Barry Voeten

    Reginald's problem is still there. Converted someone's ride to a strava route.

    Then click the extenstion (fullscreen shot, otherwise the extension message disappears)


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    Steffen Ørskov

    Hi. I'm not able to import my own routs from strava link.

    I get this error: Cannot import: Cannot import this route from Strava.

    Please assist.

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