GPL Compliance - Linux Kernel Patch




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    Gordon Davies

    For the few of us old chaps, what is the benefits of this patch to me and my Karoo Raveen? 

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    Raveen Beemsingh

    Hi Gordon, this is for legal and license compliance only, no direct benefit to regular users.  

    a brief description as to why this was needed in the first place:

    since a Linux kernel runs underneath all android systems of the world, its a requirement from the makers and maintainers of Linux to share the changes we have made to their base code to make it work on our system, in this case, Karoo. 

    The world is immensely benefited from free software like Linux (including us), we are doing our part in keeping that benefit going.

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    Pete Bachant

    Does it not make sense to attempt to have this merged into the upstream kernel branch?

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