server error when downloading offline maps



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    heb je al eens een reboot geprobeerd?

    ohh sorry, try a reboot, that was succesfull for me.

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    Bernie Pottrell

    Try setting the screen sleep timer to 30 min during map download, then back to whatever you want after. Worked for me,

    Seems the connection to the server gets interrupted by the display being turned off and needs a reboot to start again otherwise.

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    Jed Ellerby

    I get the same issue and it happens within a minute or two of the download, so no screen timeout issue. I've upgraded before downloading any maps at all so have yet to get an offline map working.

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    Tobias Beal

    Same issue - downloaded first offline map fine with screen timer set to 1 min. Second map download kept getting server error very early in the download. Tried adjusting to 30 mins and downloaded fine. Thanks

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