how does the LAP button works



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    Laurence Wattrus

    Hi Jan-Dirk 

    The lap button flags a lap in the FIT file this is used in data visualization tools like Strava or TrainingPeaks. Lap data will summarize averages within that interval such as average power, cadence, speed, time, distance etc. 

    This may help someone who is training. 

    For example if you are doing climbing repeats you may hit the lap button at the top and bottom of each climb. 
    You can then see the lap times for getting up the hill or the average power for each lap. 

    This is what Strava shows: 

    Karoo does not yet visualize this data but we will eventually add some basic lap summaries to each ride. 




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    Rick Edgar

    What is the status of the lap feature now? I use Map My Ride but don't upload to it at this time. Is Karoo going to add this to the Home Page? Other than the maps is there any other info available on the dashboard? What am I missing?


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