Does GPS require a SIM card?



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    Is the gps switched on?
    See Settings>Location> must be blue.
    No SIM needed

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    Laurence Wattrus


    Jan-Dirk is correct, no SIM needed. 

    Sorry to hear. It is a little too easy to disable GPS so we are adding a notification for that if it happens accidentally. 

    If you slide down from the top of the screen you can open the quick settings where GPS can toggle on or off. 

    I would suggest you start one quick test ride when you are on your home wifi and scroll to the map screen. Just confirm you have a lock of your location on the map.




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    Romak Leszczynski

    So what does the sim actually do for Karoo.

    ii am not a tech head. I have it activated but not sure what I will be using it for.

    Cheers Beers


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