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    Doug H (dthempel)

    Wheel circumference is set properly?

    I have found that most things other than power meters (Stages in my case) work fine on ANT+. You shouldn't really have to turn BT off, though. Make sure each device is only connected one way, though. That could potentially cause issues?

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    Patrick Gorr

    Hi doug,

    yep, I've checked this and wheel circ is correct at 2111.15. I have only got them connected one way, I tried the different broadcasting to see if the problem would resolve itself.

    Its as if the unit is trying to get speed with GPS and with the speed sensor. This morning on my commute it worked for about 2 minutes before going crazy and giving me 0.0 or 384 km/h. I turned BT off and I have speed coming through from the location settings.

    It seems as if GPS and speed sensor are competing for speed connectivity.

    I've binned the cadence as I get that through my power meter, but I'd like the speed sensor to work so I can use it on the trainer.

    I have the sensor on the back wheel, is it possible that it's too far away? I'll try it on the front wheel on the way home tonight.


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