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    @Mark - Sorry to see the sudden battery depletion still persist on your Karoo. The software team is working on it. The overall battery life has seen improvement since the last update. However, taking notes from our community we agree that the sudden depletion of battery percentage still exists and it needs to be sorted out. We are looking for an improvement in overall battery life and gradually the progress is being made.

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    Richard Pendlebury

    I had the same problem today. Started a short ride with 27% battery, after 20 mins the battery was at 10%, then decreased to 1% after another 2 minutes. 

    It's as if the battery calibration is incorrect, that 100% = full, but 25% = within a few minutes of empty. I can't trust the battery indicator at <30% during a long ride.

    N.B. - was in airplane mode with Wifi off during the ride and not using TbT.


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    Bart Louïs

    Hi HH,

    Since a few weeks I am commuting every day using the Karoo.

    A single ride takes about 1h15minutes and uses about 15 % of the battery.

    I have only dark theme on the display, darkest as possible, online (so no airplane mode), auto-pause on and no route or TBT (so only tracking). 2 sensors paired (Heart Rate & cadence). And my Karoo gets powered off between every ride, so no "sleep mode".

    In 3 days, the battery is as good as flat, so in 6 rides or 7,5 hours, in which from the last 30 % onwards it goes very fast.

    This is far from the 10 - 15 hours as mentioned in the technical specifications.

    What are the steps that HH is undertaken to improve this ?

    And when can we expect improvement ?



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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Bart.

    Battery life is something we are constantly working on for improvement. A lower brightness setting and battery saver mode are planned but we do not have any timelines for your right now.

    It varies vastly based on sensors connected, mode of connectivity, Cellular data usage and so forth. Unfortunately, we do not have any more workarounds/tips right now for extending your battery life further. We appreciate your patience.

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