All sensors connected - start ride - cadance sensor not used




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    Similar for me..

    All my sensors are Bluetooth.

    Karoo did not pick up HR sensor on 1st part of ride (45 miles), it did connect to speed and cadence OK

    I shut Karoo down mid-ride (while I was stopped) hoping this would help and then restarted karoo 45 mins later but Karoo then failed to recognise any sensors at all. it just said 'searching..' for all of them but never found them in the next 30 miles.

    I have just reported this to the bug team but recording here too in case it helps

    I am on the very latest firmware.

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    Hey Ronald, The sensor should be picked when the ride is started. This looks like the cadence was not streaming the data during your ride.
    Could you please share the serial number of your Karoo and the FIT file of this ride from the dashboard with us at

    @Tim- Thanks for letting us know and reporting the bug, one of the support staff will work on your ticket and help troubleshoot with you on this.

    In future, if your sensors are not getting picked, enabling and disabling might not work, so you can unpair and re-pair them.

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    Ronald Oostdam

    Serial number and fit file of last sunday are sent.

    Today both sensors were picked up. Fit file also included in email.

    Kind regards,


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