Stopping Route During Ride




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    Franklin Prince

    Hi Andrew, 

    This is a good suggestion, and an idea we love. I will definitely forward your suggestion to the Software Team. 

    Please keep providing regular insights and suggestions. We appreciate you taking the time to do so.

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    Brent T

    currently you cannot, one thing I have not tried as a work around is to change my route to my current location, I suspect as you continue to ride it will try to reroute you back to that location.

    If you really want to end the route, you can and then start a new activity, then after the fact combine the routes using one of the services like  (it is named Strave in this link, but it really just allows you to combine .fit or .gpx files, then you can save that combined file to Strava or export it.)

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    Andrew Tebben

    Thanks Brent. I guess this needs to be added to the list of requested new features.

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    Andrew Tebben

    Hi Franklin,

    That is great to hear, thanks!

    Will do with respect to additional insights and suggestions.


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    Andrew Ross

    It was suggested to software team when I suggested it months ago but nothing happened so far!

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    Jeff Smith

    This has  been suggested many times indeed.  I can't understand why it is not implemented, it would seem to be one of the easiest of additions and one that many of us really want.  

    It should be low hanging fruit.

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    Doug H (dthempel)

    The option is to end the ride and start a new one (which isn't ideal). It does seem like the "Change Route" function should be replaced with "End Route" and then "Add Route" if you want to do that. I can't often think about why I'd want to change the route I'm on, particularly with the Karoo's inclination to route you to the start instead of knowing that you're on a route already and allowing you to pick it up mid-stream...

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    Yes, just have "Start Route" and "End Route".  If you are already on a route then "Start Route" can confirm that you want to end your current route before proceeding to start on a new one.

    As Doug says, you rarely want to "Change Route" and that's the only option now.  "Change Route" now shows up even when you're not on a route, which makes no sense but is the only way to start a route mid-ride.


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    Jonathan Phillips

    +1 for this. My downloaded routes almost always start at the group/club meet points but I ride several miles to and from the meet.  Drives me nuts not being able to cancel the route once "finished" and spend the remaining ride home being continually rerouted on the screens.  Should be a simple option.

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    Stuart Hardy

    Hi, I would like the option of a end route, and also it would be great to have a "Navigate Home" option (or other saved place) for example I had a cut tyre the other day so knew the new tube wouldn't last long and it would have been really useful if I could have quickly changed the route to a predetermined endpoint via the most direct route. Its a bit of a variation on the above issue, but would be really useful all the same.

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