Impossible to download offline map section: " "unfornutely, ride has stopped" message




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    Franklin Prince

    Hi Ercole.

    Apologies. We wish we had a better workaround for you. The issue has been troublesome for us too, and as per the software team, we have seen better improvements in the fix of this error. The fix is coming in the next update.
    The issue had been identified with the download of map tiles, even though the error message displayed is "unfortunately, ride has stopped".

    We have been working with the mapbox team to fix this. Thanks for your patience with this.

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    P McGraw

    Good to know this is a known issue and that a fix is in next update.  I haven’t had the “ride has stopped” message, but have seen other flakiness with downloading offline maps after a factory reset wiped out all map data.  I found that deleting and re-queuing downloads eventually worked after several retries, so intermittent aspect must have made this bug a tough one to find and fix!

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    For me the update to Karoo Software Build Version: did not change anything :-(

    Directly after the update no map was downloaded. So i did a factory reset to give the update a try.

    The first 10 maps have been downloaded very very slow. At the beginning oft the 11th map the well known "unfornutely, ride has stopped" appeared. No more download is possible since this point.

    It is very disappointing. No map download and lots of missing Karoo features.

    Using my Garmin Edge 1030 instead...

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    Joep van Luijt

    Thanks Lutz for trying the factory reset same problem here still.

    I hope it will be possible or work around to upload maps manual from pc. On this moment there is not a huge problem. But when i start cycling from Amsterdam to Rome this current software is not gonna do the job.

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    I also tried to log "out" and "in" on the karoo.

    After that 4 of the 10 downloaded maps wasn't marked as downloaded. The were marked as queued. Why 4 and not all or none?

    But new or old downloads are still impossible :-(

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