Offline maps are not downloading!




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    Raymond de Jager

    Interesting because I am also having trouble downloading maps. How do I disable 'data services'?

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    Franklin Prince

    Hey guys.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I would suggest you clear the navigation data by enabling the developer mode before the ride and reboot your Karoo.

    1. Howto: Enable Developer Mode on the Karoo -
    2. Howto: Clear All Navigation Data from the Karoo -

    Please try this and then download your offline routes and maps one by one. It should work. 

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    Raymond de Jager

    Hi Franklin,

    Sorry but this solution (which is actually a workaround) does not do the trick for me as mentioned in support ticket #21011. With this software version I am unable to download any additional map sections. Download starts, stops at a random percentage and then restarts. I have been trying to download one section for over a couple of hours now with no effect. Also tried your solution a few times. Still with no effect.

    I also noticed half of my routes are showing ‘breadcrumb navigation’. This was not the case in the previous software version.

    Please, get things together soon. I have the Karoo over 6 months now and still having the same problems. The core feature of your device is still not working. I also develop software, I understand problem solving can me a pain, I also understand it can take a while but this is just ridiculous.


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    As allready written to the support. This did not work for me.


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