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    Hi Derek,

    Karoo cannot be connected to iPhone over Bluetooth but you can only use the phone hotspot to connect Karoo over the wifi network. I am not sure about the app button, but your Karoo has all the apps that are currently available on the latest release.

    We have received your ticket with the support as well and Franklin will help you in answering these question in detail.

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    Thanks Ali. Franklin did come back to me but didn't really answer my question. I have downloaded the hammerhead karoo app and have tried to pair the two. No luck at all. I have also just tethered by phone to try and connect that way and it says device not found. When I have looked at Karoo videos on youtube, the home screen has 6 tabs with apps being one of them. I do not have an app tab on my home screen. Could you explain to me how I get that please. 

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    There is no Hammerhead Karoo app. What you downloaded is the app for the Hammerhead H1 (older product). There is no way to connect the Karoo to your phone.

    Also, there is currently no App tab (there are no apps that you can use other than the Karoo itself). It sounds like your Karoo is at the same exact state as all other users as we all now have 5 tabs. You may have been looking at older videos on YouTube that has the "Videos" tab. That was removed about two updates ago.

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    Steve Hammatt

    Karoo runs Android, so it is possible to install other Android apps on your Karoo (e.g. apps that do better navigation and lots of other functions such as those that HH promised us ages ago but haven't delivered yet). This is one of the things that we discuss over on the unofficial Karoo users forums at

    However, since you're new to Karoo I do recommend that you try out the standard functions of Karoo to get a feel for the functionality that they provide before you try and third-party apps (so that you know what you're comparing with).


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