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    Dennis Clinefelter

    I use a 90° right usb cable. This works well and I can then plug into a battery pack sitting inside a top tube mounted bento bag.

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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Dan. 

    Like Dennis has suggested, the only way to charge the Karoo while it is on the Barfly Mount is to get a90° right USB cable. 

    Check this model:

    They have various options to choose from. Thanks.

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    Lance Deegan

    I don't use the supplied mount but one which has a gopro fitting underneath such as this one:,searchweb201602_4_10065_10068_10130_10547_319_317_10548_5728815_10696_10084_10083_10618_10307_10131_10132_10133_5733215_5733315_328_10059_10884_10887_5733115_100031_5733415_321_322_10103_5733515_5733615,searchweb201603_2,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=eb0c2ebd-09f0-40da-8a28-ed96ab37a6f8-0&algo_pvid=eb0c2ebd-09f0-40da-8a28-ed96ab37a6f8

    The gopro fitting can then be used for mounting a gopro camera, a light (which is what i use it for) and presumably other things like a battery pack. If you can find a battery pack with a gopro mount you could then readily connect it to your karoo for on the go charging. You can also buy a gopro / light fitting which (if you cant find anything better) you could glue a battery pack.

    I don't have the full answer but thru aliexpress. They have heaps of stuff at very low prices.

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    Last Saturday I rode a 150 mile / 9,500 vertical foot group ride with a posse of friends. Given the terrain and our collective abilities, I anticipated being out there for over 10 hours. Sure enough, I was riding for 8.5 hours with an elapsed time of 10.5 hours. 

    Nervous about losing battery on my HH I used a combination of the items noted about to charge on the go. It worked like a charm.

    After 80 miles at rest stop #2, my HH was still at 100%. At that point I unplugged the battery pack and stashed it in a go-bag that the organizers would have delivered after the ride to the finish. When I finished 70 miles later my HH batter was just below 65%.

    A few notes:

    • I used a small charger 3350mAh charger by RAVpower taped to the underside of my stem. It's just about the size and shape of tube of lipstick (a tad larger), so it tucked right in to the curve on bottom side of my stem face plate. I put a few pieces of electrical tape around it where it would contact the stem so as not to scratch my bike, and then taped it with just a few wraps to the stem.   $11.99 on Amazon.
    • To plug it in I bought a 6" braided USB to 90-degree Micro-USB cable.  $6 or so.

    To save power I set screen brightness in the 30-40% range.

    A few non-battery related notes:

    • I was unfamiliar with the route, and soon learned that my TbT navigation was a distraction, as there were numerous times my HH wanted me to take a side road rather than the FIT file route imported from RidewGPS. I should go back and compare the Route to the actual route I rode to see what's up with that. At any rate, I learned to ignore the TbT instructions and follow the signs and other riders. 
    • Once our ride hit the climbs I swiped over to the elevations page. I liked that so much I pretty much kept it on that screen the rest of the day. It sure was nice to know when I was in a good place to hand off my turn pulling in our paceline, such as just at the crest of a hill or rise so that the next rider could readily pull on through. And, it certainly helped to know on the long climbs that what may look like the top was actually no where near the top of the climb.
    • After each rest stop I reliably lost connection to one or both of my bluetooth sensors (Suunto HR and cadence/speed). Once back underway, I simply toggled bluetooth off then back on, and connections were restored.
    • HH's vertical measurement was short by about 1,000, so after syncing to Strava I had Strava recalibrate the stats, which brought elevation up to the range reported by RidewGPS, Garmins, and Strava.
    • At the outset of the ride I was also recording via my Suunto watch as a back up. Even I had disconnected all sensors from my watch, there was some sort of interference with my HH and my HH wasn't tracking distance, speed, etc... Once I turned off my Suunto ride and started a new ride in HH, all was good for the next 10+ hours.

    All in all, a great experience w my HH.



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