Persistent Problems After the Last Two Updates




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    @Andrew - I am sorry for the bad experiences on your rides. The issues have been highlighted by the ATG users too but I am sorry to say that it has not been resolved yet, as they are still working on it. We have suggested some steps to our other users and have been helpful to them. I would love to troubleshoot this with and help you out. Could you please share the serial number and FIT file of your recent rides with us at

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    Dan Cammack

    good day,

    aside from all the good things. i too have been having these 'freezes'. Just happened to me on my lunchtime wonder home and back.


    as it freezes there is no fit file. no record and no recovery.


    very annoying though i must say



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    Dan Cammack

    so small update. on my ride home yesterday, which is only a small ride. my karoo became a brick. freezing in all screens, bootup and initializing faults. the karoo recognised this yet could not rectify itself after reboot etc.

    got home and thought id just factory reset as it was a last resort almost. knowing id lose most if not all mt karoo settings.

    after reboot and the initial sign in, connect to wifi etc. surprosed to see all my ride pages had not been deleted etc.

    yes offline maps had to be re downloaded but so long as it works, this reset does seem to have helped so far.

    ride to work this morning was again as it should be.

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    Steve Hammatt

    HH save some of the Karoo configuration info in your account so that, as you saw, Dan, when you sign in it can restore some of that, such as your data pages.

    See the FAQ at which has an entry about which information is brought back after a factory reset.


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    Dan Cammack

    indeed, i have to say i didnt have to reconfigure quite as much as i would have thought. thankfully!

    annoying as to why the freezing and issues occur when up to now my device has been pretty stable and done what i need it to!

    shall give it a good run saturday and see how it goes!


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