Karoo Let me down




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    Seth H Shaw

    I too rode in the T de T yesterday and loved it. I live in Tucson and wouldn't miss it.

    I feel your pain Smitty. I dumped  my Karoo when I had the same problem on 3 training rides in October.  After 8 months I threw in the towel.

    I've never looked back after getting my ROX12. What you give up in display you more than get back in reliability, versatility and integrity. Karoo was a constant annoyance.  I conclude that if Hammerhead can't get the basics right almost a year into this how can you bet it ever will? I'm relieved I stopped living in hope.

    BTW, the ROX was flawless on the ride yesterday.

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    @Daniel - I am sorry that you have found your experience with the Karoo to be so frustrating and I will do everything in my power to help you to troubleshoot the issues you are facing. I will be taking this to the support system to investigate further.

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    Daniel (Smitty) Smith

    Ali,  For the most part I've not had any "major" issues with my Karoo.  This was the first ride I'd done since the last general update.  So I would think to say the issue is rooted with the latest update.  BTW - My Karoo had a full charge prior to the start of the event. 

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