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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Ronald. Sorry for the trouble. 

    Please write to support@hammerhead.io with your Karoo Serial Number and we will help you out.

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    Franklin, this is already a well known issue and still not solved. I waited for SW updates.....
    If you do a manual setting, in my case minus 2 mtr. Keep it on manual. Wait 24 hour. And noticed a vslue of plus 57 mtr. ( the Karoo was switched off and on). Also switch to Auto did not solve the problem. So yes Ronald I have the same problem.
    @ Franklin keep us informed on this thread as well what the solution is.

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    John Hendriks

    Today again the elevation was not correct. If I set it on manually it is not correct, if auto it is not correct. After every ride I have to click recalculate height in Strava???

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    Gilles muoy

    "If you do a manual setting, in my case minus 2 mtr. Keep it on manual. Wait 24 hour. And noticed a vslue of plus 57 mtr"

    this is perfectly normal though Dirk, and just means that the atmospheric pressure where you live has changed from one day to the next. If you use manual, you have to set the elevation each time, in order to match elevation to current atmospheric pressure...
    As a side note: mountaineers whom for that info is vital would even calibrate several times a day. Meteorological conditions change all the time, and for them, knowing how fast barometer readings deviate allows them to anticipate bad weather. 

    Not sure how Karoo works, but vertical positioning via GPS satellites is only accurate +/- 30m that's just the limit of the technology available to us. Some units would further refine that reading through cross referencing with altimetric maps... which are just as accurate as the maps they use (yes, they are full of errors)

    one last method is to match user input to GPS coordinates... in theory that would be the best way to do it, but my garmins fail to give correct readings nevertheless (I suspect the issue being related to difficulties to read correct GPS position at start of ride and/or difference of temperature between inside/outside)

    Anyway, calibration only affects absolute elevation, which is neat to know, but secondary to us cyclists. Most of the relevant data we use are based on relative elevation (slope%, altitude gain/loss, ascent/descent speed etc.)

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    Allan Urquhart

    I do not see why the manual input requires to be entered into the Karoo prior to every ride. The automatic option does not pick up my elevation correctly either - this is not an ideal situation at all.

    My Garmin Edge 1000 picks up my elevation +/- 2m constantly - no issues - no errors - it just works and to be honest - the Karoo should be the same!

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