Rainy ride: raindrops continuously "swipe" and "tap" the screen at random




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    Steve Hammatt

    I've ridden many times with my Karoo in the rain and I've never seen this myself (hope I'm not tempting fate now, given that I've got a wet ride tomorrow according to the forecast). But I have seen this occasionally reported by others.


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    Hey Greg, we have seen this from few other users too. Could you please see if the screen is properly clean? 

    Also, please conduct a small test at your home with water droplets test and let us know in an email to support@hammerhead.io if there is screen is acting up.

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    Greg Merritt

    Hi Ali,

    Thank you for your reply. I have done a test at home and sent e-mail to support.

    Here is the Karoo misbehaving:


    I gently cleaned the screen with dish soap, but it still misbehaves.



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    Thanks for the video, Greg. We have received your request and will continue the conversation there.

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    Oliver Strother

    Hi there. Same issue here. Keeps going to the sensor or notification pages.

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    Rob van Baak

    Hello. Also the same issue here. When riding in the rain the screen is too sensitive.

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    ALI , as you se;  more users have the same problem. 

    Also me.

    Why don't you join us in your solutions/ this conversation ?

     The green banner indicated "Answered"

    Everytime after reading this Status, I think that the problem is solved.

    How can we be a part of your solution?

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    Greg Merritt

    Response from Hammerhead in my support ticket on this issue:

    Unfortunately, this is the current behavior when the Karoo screen is exposed to water drops/ running water. 

    We have checked with the software team and they are working on making changes to software which will prevent this from happening.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this.


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    Tom Paskey

    I’ve had the same issue, and recently mentioned it to HH.  I’ll have to see if I get a similar reply.

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    Sorry to have missed this conversation earlier as we were involved with the investigation on the battery issues at that time. This has been passed on to the product and software team and definitely needs to be taken care of. It is expected that this could be resolved by a software modification on the ride app and all the other possibilities are being looked on right now.

    @Dirk - Sorry for the confusion with the "Answered" status as it is an indication that it has been replied by HH staff. If it is something which has been resolved - we would mark it as "Completed".

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