Map limit reached




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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Lutz. Sorry for the trouble. We have received your email regarding the same. We will follow up with you there. 

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    Peter Phillips

    Lutz have you had any resolution to the above issue??

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    Not now. Franklin wrote me they are working on it.

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    F. Niem.

    Same issue here. This really is rediculous. Actually the basic function of this device, the navigation does thus not work. I was not able to use the device on my vacation and it just is too risky to use this thing standalone. You always have to carry a second device. If I just want to know my speed an investment of EUR 10 would do it. So when will this acutally been fixed?

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    Yesterday i got a Mail from HH that this will be fixed with one of the next updates:

    "We will be releasing a software update soon which will have new MapBox Integration so, all your map downloads will be retriggered. We request you to be patient till then."

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    I thought that was what the previous update was about, when all the maps were reloaded.  What is HH doing this time around?

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    New update from today is installed. All maps are queued for download again... Will take a while.

    But the next error is imported too:

    No more map can be added because after pressing "ADD" under Offline Map Section this page close with a new error report: "Unfortunately, Offline Map Section has stopped" :-( Then i am back in the Settings menu. Creating more map tiles is impossible.

    Is it not possible to fix one error without creating a new one? I am disappointed about the never ending story with the maps.

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