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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Larry. Sorry to hear this. Please write to with the FIT file of the affected ride and we will look into this and help you out. 

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    William Armstrong

    I had a similar problem today. Computer dies at approx 3 hours/42 miles of 50 mile ride. Selected adaptive display brightness for maybe the first time. Was that the problem?

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    Steve Hammatt

    I just got back from a club ride. I always seem to have around 50% battery reported as remaining on my Karoo. Today it is reporting just 1% left. But I don't believe this is accurate reporting, i.e. the unit it staying at 1%. I just rebooted the unit and it's still saying 1% - this can't be right, because it wouldn't have enough power to do a reboot if it really only had 1% remaining.

    This is the first time that this has happened for me.

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    please educate me a bit here...  are you saying that the fit file has data related to battery consumption?  seems a bit spurious to me....

    will do more testing but others now are reporting similar problems, and i think that sending a fit file into support will only come back with what i am doing wrong (which is probably a lot...  although nothing to do with this problem) as opposed to addressing a potential problem with display and/or battery consumption.

    i have used this device for many months/kms now, and know enough that when something goes adrift from a previous software version that there may be a problem.


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    After installing this update the computer drains battery much quicker. Also when it gets to around 30% it dies suddenly and turning it back on has only 1% battery left. This happened twice this weekend. Did a 4hr 30 minute ride and it died at 3hr 50m in. Today it managed just about 4h then died and i had to use a backup computer to record the rest.

    Second thing is the power meter reading is really laggy now. Seems to be 30 seconds behind and ive checked its not an average power reading setup, which is pretty useless when you are trying to hold a steady rate.

    I hope these fundemental issues get fixed very soon as its a killer for the product. It was not doing this in the previous update and was working just fine. Im forced now to put it down and use something else till its fixed.

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    Ride time 01:44:04
    Battery status 78%
    Brightness approx 3/4 from max.
    Outside temperature +3 degrees Celsius.
    No BT
    Only Ant+ for combi sensor speed/cadence and HR.
    wifi on. (forgotten to switch off)
    Gps on.
    Latest SW update.
    Yes I also get the feeling that the battery drains faster.
    Is temparature an issue?

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    ok, i agree w @robertmoore95; the product with the current software release renders it worthless....

    my immediate concerns are:

    • whether one can install a previous version of the software
    • if not, when will a new release be available?

    battery consumption is completely inadequate.  i had a fully charged karoo, and it died at a ride time of 3.22 and total time of 4.25.  completely unacceptable.  further information:

    • previous software version could easily handle a 5-6 hour ride on my device.  no settings have been changed.
    • in a previous post, i was curious if the battery power calculation got better the lower into the available power it had left.  it did not.  i went from 21% to screen off rather quickly.

    i know they have beta testers on this device.  i hard it hard to imagine how this software could operate differently on other devices, but i suppose its possible.  otherwise, did the beta testers miss this?  or something else??

    i understand oversights; i'm curious about how they now handle a solution....

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    Steve Hammatt

    HH have responded to my support ticket and confirmed that there are two problems. The main problem seems to be a battery drain that they believe is being caused by Bluetooth since the latest update. So their recommendation is to turn BT off if you don't need it (I've got a feeling mine was off before, but a recent update has switched it on). Also there still seems to be a battery level reporting issue (inaccurate battery percentage).


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    why don't you point me to your board here:

    in addition, what are the odds of finding the 1.8.364.3 software version?

    part of the allure of this device was the ability to hack into it.  right now, i do not see anything from HH with regards to installing a previous release of the OS, which seems relatively elementary from a hacking standpoint.

    not sure why do not make these images available on github or the like for those of us that would like to do that.


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    Victor Buriak

    I am also experiencing significantly higher battery drain since the last update.

    It has gone from 6-8% per hour to about 11%, with operating conditions identical. I don't have Bluetooth sensors, only Ant+.

    I also did a factory reset and tried it all again, with the same result. I had lots of apps side loaded as well, and lost them because of the reset.

    It's frustrating that HH ATG testing doesn't seem to pick up these problems, although the latest YouTube video from dhempel hinted that all was not well.

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    Stefan Schmid

    Anyone who tried to load an older software version to see, it the battery drain problem disappears???

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    Steve Hammatt

    @larryR - I didn't point you there because unfortunately HH have gradually been locking down Karoo (e.g. not letting you unlock the bootloader). They want to close it off and have as little hacking as possible. You can't downgrade to an earlier software release unless you already have an unlocked bootloader, because you'll have to install a custom recovery to do it.

    Yes, this is very annoying and HH shouldn't have cut off this possibility.


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    pretty lame that HH is doing this....  part of the allure of the device was the ability to "play" greater than with just the config of data screens and route maps.  not sure why early adaptors are treated this way.  if one could easily load a previous version of the software, i'm off to the races; instead i now have an expensive little brick.

    my device lost 40% battery power in 1 day in sleep mode.  i have noticed this before, so i have always powered off my device when not in use,  left it on to see what would happen....

    as others have documented, previous software releases had far better battery usage levels.

    with regards to battery level reporting, i have NEVER found it to be accurate.  the lower it goes, the quicker the drain.  that problem is more of an annoyance than anything.  not having enough battery power for a 4 hour ride; well that's a deal killer.  and something HH should acknowledge and already have fixed!

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    Rob van Baak

    I also experience this behaviour of bad battery life.
    Last night I left the Hammerhead on and the battery was down to 82% in something more as 8 hours. That's not bad I think.
    But then I "started a ride" while it was lying on my desk. In 30 minutes it was down to 76%. So, it look likes, it has something to do with recording the ride what takes the battery life. And the problem is that most of us use the HH for this ;-)

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    good news:

    • hh has acknowledged they have a problem.
    • support is attentive

    bad news:

    • hh makes it difficult/impossible to load a previous version of the software
    • hh thinks its related to the bluetooth.  my experience suggests it is not.
    • hh has a group of beta-testers and they missed this problem.  in addition, they are now using all of us to beta-test their software.
    • after 10 or more days, they still have not released a new version that corrects this issue.

    it is not for me to tell anyone how to run their business.  but truthfully, this is not what i signed up/paid for.

    i would have a hard time recommending this product to anyone who asks about it.  i thought i was getting an open environment that i could play on....  apparently not.


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