Battery life not acceptable




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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Andrey. Sorry for the trouble. The recent issue with high battery depletion has been identified and escalated to the software team with a high priority. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we fix this.

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    Andrey Stoyanov

    Franklin , thank you for ur response.

    In the meantime is there anything we can do to be able to ride until next update. Lmk thx

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    Henry Schupp

    Agreed.  Is there a work-around  (turn off some feature? Roll back the update?, etc)
    It is one thing when the fix will be out in the next week but this fairly renders the device unusable for the next 3 weeks. (According to the email I just received)

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    Steve Hammatt

    It's not possible to roll back updates.

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    John Woo

    My wife and I have our own Karoos. We rode about 50 miles when our units showed 20% and 40%+ remaining charges. The units unexpectedly shut down. The  batteries must have been already depleted at that point which was about 4.5 hrs into the ride. After charging the units we recovered about 2/3 of the ride. Everything else seems to be working fine. Is the battery issue caused by hardware or software?

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    Strange enough I do have non-issues regarding battery life. Want to of Course have it better but it is not worse than the previous releases.

    HH, can we have a previous release available so we always have a backup? People need the unit and now it lasts multiple weeks before fixes become available in the next release

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    Today battery depletion from 80% to zero in 5 minutes, Whats going on ?

    wifi off, sensors off, brightness lowest setting, at restart Chinese language ????

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