Battery Issue - Karoo is now useless until Dec 20!




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    Hi Scott - We are sorry that the last update has been highly concerning for everyone out there. We are deeply focussing on getting the battery life improved and back to normal, or even better than before. 
    Our community's faith in us and vision to date is something we hugely value, and we are eager to turn the experience around.

    We are looking for all possible options and as soon as the fix has been found, we will let the release to be public. 

    Could you please let me know if you tried the factory reset from the settings menu or from the recovery options?

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    Steve Hammatt

    @Ali - the ability to revert software updates would be extremely useful. I realise uninstalling an update on Android isn't really possible, but what is very possible is the ability to flash an earlier OS image.

    If we could easily flash an earlier OS then we could effectively undo the update, albeit with the effects of a factory reset.


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    Scott Grossman

    The factory reset was done through the menu option.


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    @Scott - Could you please perform the reset from the recovery menu?


    @Steve - I agree with you, this is what we have attempted to investigate the root cause or change which caused this issue from previous to the current build. Hopefully, we all can fix the changes that were made roll out the next build as a hot-fix.

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