Slow response, constant crashing.




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    Brent T

    Wow! I would do a factory reset.

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    Oliver Strother

    HI All (and Brent),

    I've tried the factory reset, and it has not resolved the issues. I still have significant problems. For example, I lost this mornings ride due to a crash whilst the device attempted to save the ride. Also n the gym last night I synced the Karoo to a watt-bike and noticed the ride elapsed time clock didn't run continuously. It would jump numbers, e,g, 21...22....... delay........25....26.....

    I was going to use this device to navigate across Colombia next week, but I'm starting to think the device won't be reliable enough for this use, at this time. I haven't got long to find a replacement more reliable device or fix this one.

    any help appreciated.


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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Oliver. Sorry for the trouble. 

    Please write to with your Device serial number and we will help you out.

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    Oliver Strother


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    Poul Visby

    Hi, can i piggy-back this thread? My Karoo suffer from the exact same as described above.... :-(


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    Alastair MacDiarmid

    Yeah me too, serial number QS4DTKPB5LQK79LJ.


    Any help would be welcome.

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