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    Jeff Martz

    Let's not forget about broken mounts.

    But it's ok. They will give away "special edition" backs for their paperweight. They won't offer anything to us early suckers. How about make a screen protector and surprise us? A silicon skin? Something.

    You people show absolutely no care for what you are doing here. No more resets. No more reboots.

    Fix the problems.

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    Hi Jeff Martz - I am really sorry for the bad experiences you have had with the Karoo. I could not find any ticket in our support system so I could look up for the issues that you have been facing. 

    I would love to answer any of your questions and give you the required updates on the features that you would want on your Karoo. However, I would need details of your rides and your Karoo before I can suggest you anything. I do not have any details raised by you with us apart from an issue in March with SIM card slot where we had to replace your Karoo.

    Please share the serial number of your Karoo with us at

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    Matthew Dexter


    I feel your pain. I've been struggling with some aspects of the Karoo since I received it almost a year ago. But the last software update in December really made it unstable. Luckily I still ride with my Wahoo Bolt as a backup (which is ridiculous that I have to do that if I want confidence in my ride to be recorded). The Karoo is exhibiting the worse behavior since I got it, requiring constant reboots to get it working in preparation for a ride sometimes. Below is a partial list of issues I'm currently facing, and yes I just logged a support ticket with Hammerhead. 

    List of current issues

    • Syncing routes without having to reboot
    • Offlining routes
      • Shows In queued status but requires reboot to show offline
    • Applets hang prompting response to wait or close
    • Battery drains quickly after about 30%
    • Gets stuck on initializing screen
    • Keep seeing Login required message even though I keep it shows my account verified and downloads routes
      • I've also logged in many times and it goes away but then comes back
    • Arbitrary adds 60 miles to the distance on occasion
    • Loses contact with ANT+ sensors - Turning off and on Sensors resolves issue

    To say I'm frustrated with this computer is an understatement. And the fact that the software is getting worse (or maybe my hardware is taking a dive) is not giving me confidence that the issues will be resolved anytime soon.

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