Ride #3 A bit frustrating




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    I have found this to be typical behavior for Karoo navigation.  What's typical, is the randomness.  I had one 100 mile route that I carefully laid out and even followed a couple of times for the first 20 miles before I actually did the ride.  It looked fine.  Then the day I actually went for the ride it wouldn't give me any TBT instructions.  Rerouting: sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Creating mid-ride routes with a SIM card: occasionally it works, usually no.

    There's a need for major changes to the navigation software.  Hopefully one of the maintenance upgrades will focus exclusively on navigation and get it all straightened out.  Until then you can try factory resets, and that may help for a while (HH - have you looked for memory corruption problems?), but it's likely you'll get a failure at some point again in the future.

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    You should not have removed the route like you did. During your ride you can always turn the Cues OFF or back ON again, making the red TBT banner dissapear or appear.

    How to:
    During your ride with a choosen route select the menu with this option by pushing the Top Right button once. Than you get a menu from which you can toggle the Stop showing Cues or Show Cues.

    When no TBT are available choose Stop showing Cues, because of no use than.

    Hope this helps, because without the TBT you can still navigatie via the RED line on the Map Page.

    Regards, Alexander

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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Jeff. Sorry for any trouble. Please send over the GPX file of this route or the RideWithGPS URL to support@hammerhead.io and we will look into this. 

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    Hi Franklin,

    Just scanning over the issues in this forum it is obvious that the navigation software has serious problems.  For over a year now there have been problems that come and go with workarounds that sometimes work and sometimes don't.  Is there a planned upgrade (e.g., rewrite) of the navigation software for a maintenance release?

    Thank you,


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    Jeff Burke

    Franklin...it's on the way.

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    Nick Postma

    I've got the same issues. Turn by turn going haywire when I am on route, or nothing at all (Continue ride! banner shows) I did a 90km ride, i reloaded the route 3 times. It works for 20/30km after that it loses track. And by haywire i mean, it shows a blue route with the red one to route me to another point in the route. And continually a banner that says left or right to go off the route .....

    On top of that, the auto pause did not resume. So i lost about 10 to 15 km on that ride.



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    Jeff Burke

    I guess I can count myself as fortunate.  Since applying the TBT Workaround, I've had three solid rides with no navigation issues.  On my last ride, I tested the re-routing by purposely going off-course to see what would happen.  It actually did a nice job taking me to the best option to get back on course.

    Now...if a return to start or return option could be added, that would be ideal.

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