Bricked Karoo




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    Brent T

    Follow these instructions to do a factory reset using just the buttons, I had to do this recently.

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    @David: Is this the first time you see this UI on Karoo? This is because the UI has been changed completely from the time when you could see all the 5 apps on the same screen.

    Please let me know if you are scrolling on the lower part of the screen to see the other apps, but still, do not see them. The entire screen is not scrollable to see the other apps.

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    Steve Hammatt

    You can also use the two hardware buttons (the ones below the power/screen button) on the left of the unit to scroll through the options, including going to the second page of the launcher (e.g. keep pressing the bottom-most button on the left side to get across to the Sensors and Settings options).


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