upcoming course elevation graph question




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    Alan Whymant

    Horizontal scale should be km distance, vertical scale should be m elevation (or miles and feet for imperial units, I guess). Zoom out and you should see up to the whole route along the horizontal scale. The vertical scale adjusts automatically for the height of the hills.

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    Thanks Alan, that is exactly what it is supposed to mean. Distance on the horizontal line and elevation on the vertical line.

    @Dirk - If you see anything different, could you please share the picture from Karoo?

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    Thank you Alan, Ali, it is here too flat in Holland.
    That is the problem to see it well on the graph, (and/ or it is old me)
    I go to find a route with dikes , bridges and tunnel crossing.

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    David neal

    So why oh why do you have to BE IN A ROUTE . That is useless as far as I’m concerned . Upcoming elevation should work whether your in a route OR NOT

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    Martinelli Fabio

    David, if you are not in a route how can the Karoo predict the upcoming elevation profile without knowing which way you want to go? The Karoo only knows the past of your ride and the present (where you are) but not the future (otherwise we could all be rich in the stock market :-) )

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    Jonathan Hill

    Could the elevation graph field be changed to show upcoming when on a route and historical when not on a route?  It is annoying when not on a route to have a blank page saying "no route" and I don't really want to have two pages of elevation graphs just for the occasions when I am not using a route.

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