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    Matt Rick

    Hi Stewart,

    • Can I download the maps before I go? You can download offline routes or Map tiles.
    • Is it possible to download the map for a county? I'm afraid not, this is one of my major dislikes of the Karoo, you can only download map tiles approx 50 x 50 miles in size, therefore you would have to download multiple map tiles to cover the whole country.
    • When for example I’m in Holland can I use the post code (like I do in the UK) to find the location that I want to go to? Only if you have a valid 3G data connection, I'm afraid you cant just search an address offline like you can with Garmin. I originally thought you could do this if the address was covered by an offline map tile, but this isn't even the case, you have to have a data connection.


    Widnes, Cheshire.

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    Stewart Taylor

    Hi Matt

    Many thanks for your quick reply.  All that you have told me is what I suspected would be the case :( I’m hoping to be going a fair distance and the map downloads will cause me problems I think.  

    I will have a mobile connection through my phone, I have actually tested that when I’ve been out on a ride and had to put my mobile hotspot on. So that doesn’t worry me too much.  

    The navigation prompts are also a bit of a worry as I was out yesterday, I did manage to follow my 24 mile route, but it definitely would have been better to get the instructions as I went along.

    Thanks again


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    John Sievert

    Several points:

    1. When you download a route, you generally get considerable mapping data on around that route.  I want to say something like 10 miles in each direction or something like that - it is not inconsiderable.
    2. If you have a mobile data connection, the HH dashboard works very well from  a mobile phone and if you can use the phone as a hotspot, you can give the Karoo all the access it would need for any mapping you might need in an area in which you may decide to detour.
    3. Sideloading apps such as Osmand give you highly detailed maps - maps that are more detailed than anything you can get on a bike computer to my knowledge that include POI, topo information, etc... Using these is incredibly useful on tour and represents an order of magnitude better mapping that I have seen on anything from Garmin or Wahoo.  I used Osmand's maps in conjunction with Karoo's maps on a tour in Norway last year.  Part of that was on the Rallarvegan which is all but wilderness and having the detailed topo information was quite helpful.  
    4. You can also side load Komoot.  Both Osmand and Komoot if you have a paired BT speaker or ear bud will give you verbal TbT which is (IMO) kind of a game changer.  Komoot will give you street name TbT while Osmand will give you intersection TbT ("turn right at the next intersection").  

    So that's how I'd approach the problem.  Touring on a bike using a bike computer's maps as the sole mapping source hasn't worked well for me.  I find it necessary to be able to supplement from other mapping sources.  



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