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    Not quite.

    (...) the Advanced Testing Group will begin testing these changes on April 18, with the usual caveat that we’re striving for quality and stability of releases rather than frequency, so this estimate may change. Look out for the next public release once this change has been completed and tested. (...)


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    Greg Merritt

    What -- you don't mash CHECK FOR UPDATE on Thursdays, hoping "maybe *this* month we'll get an update"....??!?

    This is me every Thursday morning, just in case. (When we do get updates, that's when they come through in my time zone.)

    Anyway, I just ordered a Lezyne Mega XL with ~48-hour battery life and WAY less of a reputation of losing sensors and locking up/crashing compared to Karoo....still holding out hope that Karoo will get up to snuff some day, but too much monkeying around with the Karoo mid-ride during my 400km PBP qualifier last Saturday. I need a mature product I can rely on for now until Karoo is done.

    (Karoo sure is pretty though, can't wait for it to be reliable!!)

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