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    Franklin Prince

    Hey Daryl,

    Karoo's integration with Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap, Campagnolo EPS, FSA K-Force WE, and other electronic drivetrains is an exciting idea to us that will open up a wide spectrum of fascinating applications and data for users. It's on our roadmap and something we're looking forward to tackling, but at this time, we're not committing to a timeline for these, as we want to focus on the device's core features and general stability and usability first.

    Please see our product roadmap for more: https://www.hammerhead.io/pages/karoo-product-road-map

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    jinsoo kim

    They said they would apply for di2 2 years ago, but no. It seems impossible

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    David Vasta

    It's a "long term goal" evidently they are going to wait or something. I am about one or two months from ditching the device and going back to Garmin. Too many "long term" things that should have been out day one.

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    David Vasta

    And for that reason, I will be ditching your product for one that does support it. The other two big names do and I was told a year ago it would be working "soon", not years from now.

    This is a CORE FEATURE if you have a bike that has it. Di2 has been out for over 4 years now and should be supported. It is the market leader. #sad #byebye

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