Feature request: displaying waypoint information on route




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    Hi Evgeni - the Cue and POI based navigation for touring is in the medium term plans of the current roadmap. This will be introduced as the mapping and navigation gets better with the updates.

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    Lance Deegan

    Here's another feature request. Imagine you are riding an out and back route. You are following a section where the out and back are the same but up ahead, it splits - one way is out and the other is back. Which one do you take ? The answer is that the route needs direction arrows which I see Garmin and other devices have. I know the cues might tell you but I don't have them on the map screen because the print is too small for me to read. It should be more obvious than depending on cues.

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    Hi, I have been testing the Karoo and I'm in the ATG, good to hear that the POI and CUE are on the roadmap. However there is one feature which I think is quite important, that is the option to follow a route strictly (with a warning if go off route and fastest way to go back), this is particularly useful for events which have a strict predefined route and segments participants must follow in order to finish.

    I do annual events like Dirty Dozen, a route consists of lots of crisscrossing, repeats of the same segment with slight variations, etc, at the moment there is no way Karoo will be able to guide me through all this. 

    From last year's event, I was able to use side-loaded Komoot on the Karoo to help me through this, please see attached screenshot of the Komoot Android app, it has a numerical sequential order to follow along the entire route, which means this will help routes with crisscrossing, segment repeats with variation in a big way, think of those kid's dot-to-dot drawing book, you must follow each number in order to complete the drawing, and same with the route, with sequential number this will eliminate confusion issue whether the rider should take the left first or the right first, or how many times one must repeat the same hill.

    I am sure this will solve a lot of TbT issue that people are facing now, even on routes without street names and particularly useful for off-road racing.

    I am hoping this feature will be considered.


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    Matt Rick

    @Ali, any reason why my comments and posts are being blocked? States pending approval and then never shows up even days, weeks later?

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