Karoo not updating




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    Marvin Gonnerman

    I am in the same situation. I have a new Karoo and it will not update. When trying to set it up the first time it stuck on "system update required".  Same condition as stated above.

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    Martijn Raaijmakers

    May be you need to connect it to a power adapter before it will update?

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    Ashish Kuttappa

    Hey John, Marvin,

    I am sorry for the trouble with the On-Boarding process. Please try the below workaround.

    Shut down the Karoo completely and let us begin the On-Boarding process from the beginning.
    Step 1 - Power ON the Karoo. (You should see the Hammerhead Logo and the flash screen)
    Step 2 - On the Welcome screen, Tap on the "Yellow Arrow" to go to the next step.
    Step 3 - DO NOT CONNECT to your wifi, instead Tap on "Skip" and confirm "SKIP ANYWAY
    Step 4 - Choose the Unit System of your choice and Tap "Next".
    Step 5 - Fill the Riders Profile and Tap "Next".
    Step 6 - Choose the correct Date&Time and Tap "Next".
    Step 7 - Offline Map Sections, Tap "Skip".
    Step 8 - Follow the On-Screen instructions, until you get the Main screen.

    You can connect to your prefered wifi connection and navigate to Settings -> System update to install the latest software update.

    If the issue persists, send us an email at support@hammerhead.io.

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