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    Alexander van den Dobbelsteen

    Yes, and if you have that, than this can contain also a list of more POI´s to choose from.  Let´s say that the user is able to create a list of POI´s with a maximum of 5(?)

    And I also would like to explain that the naming/feature/requirement of this "TAKE ME HOME"  is  misinterpreted.
    Yes, it is actually not correct.

    What is the user requirement?  Actually you can split it into 3 separate, but related Requirements:
    1. being able to choose from a list of predefined favourite POI´s. User entered adresses, where your home adress can be one on this POI list
    2. being able to choose from POI´s provided by the standard Navigation Software:   e.g. bikeshops, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, sport clubs, etc.   (you name it)

    3. Returrn to "Starting Point of the current ride"!!!
    Yes, this is something else than the current "Take me Home" feature.
    Not every ride is started from HOME (where you live).
    With this "Return to Starting Point of the current ride" it is very useful, because for example when I am taking my bike on my car to go out for a ride in a different area (not being around home) and I start a ride for e.g. a 90K ride. Than when underway and have a reason to not completely finish the planned Route and need to return to my car, than I would like to be able to choose  a route with the Option:  "Return to Starting Point" ..... of the current ride.
    And I want to be flexible in this, because at the start I would have the intention to complete the whole ride of 90K, but during the ride I may conclude differently.
    And yes, I know, the workaround is there to every time to enter the new start adress in your user profile. But hé.....that is a non-acceptable workaround, not user friendly.

    I hope this is clear and for now, the Take me Home functionality is of course nice, but please elaborate it more to cover the three user requirements explained above.

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    Johnny Pugh


    I like your ideas and it is my hope that future Karoo updates will include multiple POI's and especially the "Return to starting point" of the current ride!


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    Steven Renders

    I second that!

    Basically I would think the required architecture is now in place to quickly navigate (off-line) to a certain point.
    Currently still set as a pindrop (or preset pin).
    But they might as well manage a group of pins / POI's.  Presented in a drop-down

    - Home

    - My local bar

    - A nice terrace on the road

    - The starting point of the current ride, automatically updated whenever you press "Start ride"

    - POI's imported with the ride ( as we can now already import POI's from ridewith GPS)

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    William Smith

    I am still new to this Karoo business so I do not know if this comment is relevant but today I took went on my 7/8th ride with my Karoo. Before starting out, I created a Home Point route in the Dashboard. I clicked on my house to start the route and then clicked a second time on my house to finish the route and saved that to ROUTES. The route distance was only 1 meter but that gave me a Home Point to try. I road out almost 10km, stopped, and turned off my Karoo unit. After turning it back on I selected the Home Point route that I had created and sure enough a route to my home showed up on the Karoo map. The route line was blue which is the color that comes up when I am off a selected route (a selected route has red route lines that change to blue when I deviate from a selected route). Zooming out to see the whole map area showed the blue route line went from where I was standing right up to my house. Riding home I still had the written instructions at the bottom of the screen so I decided to experiment with this. Five times I deviated from the written instructions and "missed" turns to take a different bike road that I knew would get me home. Each time the blue route lines on the Karoo map adjusted to the "new" bike road that I was on. I never saw this, a home point route, as a function of the Karoo when I bought the unit but this is a very handy feature.

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