How do I not follow roads on the map?




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    Chris White

    Best solution: Use the Strava route planner and transfer from there. Other route planners are probably also good options, I'm just most familiar with Strava's.

    IMO, Hammerhead need to spend their time getting features and options to work properly on their head unit and not mess around with an online route planner that is probably always going to be inferior to other offerings.

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    Håkan Gustafsson

    I suggest that Hammerhead uses the expertice of Marcus Needham at dynamicWatch and make that service standard route planner for Hammerhead users.

    When it comes to routeplanning I think it is the most user friendly yet competent service out there.
    It uses road, mtb or lines for planning with OpenStreetMap (or Graphhopper).

    I use it on "the side" and then import it to Hammerhead dashboard.
    For all Garmin users it works like Hammerheads dashboard when saving routes but maybe Hammerhead could start a collaboration with dynamicWatch in the future?

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