Customizable Reminders (for nutrition, hydration, or other)

Not planned



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    Constant Van Wyk

    Me too. 

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    Geoff McBeath

    Until that feature arrives, I can think of a couple of workarounds. If you're an iPhone user, a list in the Reminders app that reads something like Feed, Drink, Drink, etc. could all be given times for notification. They'd show up as phone notifications on the K2 at the times you choose. You might also use the Shortcuts app to script a notification that just repeats on a schedule, which would mean you wouldn't have to schedule each one. Another thing you could do is turn on Auto-Lap on the K2, provided your feed schedule is regular, and provided that you don't need the Lap feature for your event.

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    Hi All, this has not been planned in the near term release but has been on our radar. Meanwhile, we also suggest the workaround from Geoff.

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