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    Phil Thrower

    Totally spot on with your comments. A company in 2022 that doesnt want to provide such facilities should seriously look at its ethics and carbon footprint for the future. To have an item that is perfectly fine and only needs only a battery replacement to make it good again, tells me a couple of things, the company can't be bothered,all they want to do is sell more units. And finally they dont care about there customer base. Does this mean that the future if you have an electric car and the battery fails you just throw it away. Course not so why do the same with a bike computer, come on hh this issue has been raised ao many times and no action

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    Stanley S

    Agreed, and I would add screen replacement as an essential service along with battery replacement.

    Battery and screen replacement are common and expected with smartphones (at a fair cost) these days — we expect the same from Hammerhead.

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    David Cushman

    I'm no expert on this, but I think there's a tradeoff between designing the product to allow for battery/screen changes and making it affordable and/or small. In other words, the device would have to be bigger to accommodate this capability. Or perhaps it would have to cost a lot more to be built in a way it can be taken apart. Or both!

    I personally think $400 is more than enough money! Please no price increases!! I don't want the price to increase just so I can buy a new battery down the road...especially considering after 4-5 years, when the time comes I may need a new battery, technology on the device will have advanced to the point I'd rather have a new device.

    I agree it would be nice, but it's just not how device manufacturing works :(

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    Luis Weber

    Interesting thoughts David.

    Just for the sake of argument, and totally respecting your point of view:

    Making a unit with replaceable parts will hold a better value for resale. This means you would be able to sell it for a higher price, therefore your investment in a new unit could potentially be lower than just tossing the unit away because the battery or another part is not working anymore.

    So, while the initial investment might be higher, the cost of use could still potentially be lower in the long run (while also helping reduce environmental impact). 



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