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    Hari Krishnan

    @Arek: I am happy to answer your questions.

    1.  We are aware of an issue where the Suunto App doesn't display Calories from the ride uploaded from Karoo 2 even if you are using a Power Meter on Karoo 2. We hope they will display it in the future. At the same time, you will be able to view the calories on the Hammerhead Dashboard and platforms like Strava.

    2. Currently, the Calories are calculated from the Power data on the Karoo 2 and it requires a power meter. Our calculations are based on Training Peaks and we believe measuring these values from Power (watts) is more accurate than deriving them from Heart Rate (beats per minute).

      That being said, I agree this could be a valuable option to add for those who do not have the Powermeter. I have added your vote for this feature request. Right now, we do not have an exact timeline to share with you.
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