[Feature Request] Layout options




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    Constant Rider

    Agreed. An editor with options to customise the layout an size of fields would be awesome. This would take the Hammerhead display from good to great. 

    Add onto that the ability to share layouts with other users and you have an awesome eco system for the display.  

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    Reinhard Plietsch

    TO ALL who want to support this request: Pls focus your votes on this request: https://support.hammerhead.io/hc/en-us/community/posts/1260803144990-Use-the-Space-How-it-is-vs-how-it-could-be-

    Otherwise votes are diluted over many different low-vote requests, however they all target the same big issue with the Karoo software: Waste of space and missing flexibility for data fields formatting / screen real estate economy... The link takes you to the top-rated request regarding this weakness, so let's combine all our votes on this one to finally make the dev team moving - after TWO years of ignoring us...

    Thank you! :-)

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